Eduwhiz is a growing community that connects Students, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors, Venture Capitalists and Industry Expert at the same place. With the vision to bridge the gap between industry enthusiasts and specialists, Eduwhiz is a leading platform in network building with 30000+ community members in today’s marketplace.

We believe in the power of Connecting and Collaborating to Evolve in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

We organize meetups, workshops and events to help:

  • Founders:  Grow their network
  • Students:  Enhance their business learning and improve their networking skills
  • Start-ups: Project their ideation, elevate their business growth and connect with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Investors and VCs: Find the perfect business and companies to invest in.

Here at Eduwhiz we make it easier for our clients to grow their network, build their connection and enhance their business growth!