EDUWHIZ has made it possible for more than 1000+ people to meet through events, meetups and workshops in the last year, and continues to grow as an excellent networking platform for industrial enthusiasts and experts.  Here at Eduwhiz, Community Speakers and Mentors provide useful guidance and help our members enhance their technical and industrial skills.

We invite Mentors and Speakers to become a part of 30000+ Eduwhiz members community and help people gain insightful knowledge with your expertise!

EDUWHIZ Community Speakers and Mentors must have:

  •         A will to help Eduwhiz community members
  •         A will to share their expert knowledge and experiences
  •         Passion for building networks
  •         Exemplary Communication skills

Our Community Speakers and Mentors Get to:

  •         Impart their valuable knowledge back to the community
  •         Build and grow their network  in their operating niche
  •         Connect with next

We work with a mission to help as many people as possible. If your interest aligns with ours, partner with us and become a Mentor at Eduwhiz!

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