Facebook VR – Oculus Go

Facebook on 11th October 2017 announced Oculus Go, a standalone headset that doesn’t require a PC or a phone to get you into VR, at the company’s Oculus Connect developer conference.

It’s coming in early 2018 for $199, or roughly £150 or AU$255 converted.

“We want to get a billion people in virtual reality,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, shortly before the reveal.

Oculus exec Nate Mitchell suggests we’re on the right track there “We can make the experience even better than anything you’ve seen on Gear VR today because it’s fully integrated, so we’ll be able to do a lot more [with Oculus Go],” he tells CNET.

It also sounds like Oculus Go won’t be Facebook’s only standalone VR headset. Last year, Facebook announced it was exploring the space with its Santa Cruz standalone VR headset, and it turns out that device is still on track: the totally wireless, base-station-free headset, which now has revamped controllers, was shown again in the conference.

How It Works

You’re falling and the world is whipping before you. You’re petrified. But you also feel alive. The second right before you hit the ground is the worst – your brain is actually prepared for the moment by dumping adrenaline into your system as a mild painkiller.

But while all this is happening, you haven’t actually moved. You’ve been sitting in a chair in your own home, staring into a screen. Your biometrics have changed, but, geographically speaking, you’re exactly where you were 10 minutes ago.

This is what it’s like to use virtual reality, to get the experience of being somewhere else in a different time, a different place, sometimes as far as an alien world, all without ever leaving your home.

This is what it’s like to use virtual reality, to get the experience of being somewhere else in a different time, a different place, sometimes as far as an alien world, all without ever leaving your home.

Like other virtual reality headsets, the Oculus RIft has the arduous task of completely immersing you in a video game by producing two images simultaneously. It does this by hooking into the back of your graphics card’s HDMI port and using a camera to track your head movement. You can either sit or stand while wearing the headset, whichever you find more comfortable. But, unlike the HTC Vive, you won’t be able to use the hardware inside the box to actually walk around at all (what we commonly refer to as “room-scale VR”).

What you’ll get inside every Oculus Rift box, however, is the headset itself, the Oculus Sensor, a small Oculus Remote that can be used to control videos and change the volume on the headset, a Xbox One Wireless Controller with 2 AA batteries, an Xbox One controller adapter and extender and Lucky’s Tale, a platforming game that is best compared to a 360-degree version of Super Mario Bros. If you pre-ordered the Rift, it also came with EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack.

What you’ll find when you’re done is a library of about 100 titles that are longer than anything found on the HTC Vive. I’ve played a good deal of them, and while some were better than others, there weren’t any that I felt were a waste of time or money.


Startup Founders & Investors 4.0

Eduwhiz brings Startup Founders & Investors 4.0

Our aim is to provide:
An opportunity to get funded and kick start your entrepreneurial journey!
Professional and skilful guidance to early stage start-ups.
Networking with like-minded people and share knowledge and resources.

We heartily invite:

Investors, as a part of this meetup.

Meetup Agenda:

Shortlisted Startups will be introduced to investors for the pitch-decking session.
Q&A session amongst investors, founders and audience.
Networking opportunities to collaborate and work with founders and start-ups.

Please Note:

Fill out the application form completely and carefully.
Submit your pitch deck before shortlisting process.
Start ups can submit the traction and progress along with the pitch.
Start-ups in their gestation phase may join as an audience.

Digital Marketing – Get Started!

Eduwhiz is bringing a complete refreshers workshop on Digital Marketing. We invite all the students, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Marketing Managers and everyone who is passionate and get their hands into the world of Digital Marketing.

Topics to be covered-

1. Components of Digital marketing.
2. Overview of strategy planning
3. Overview on SEO
4. Blogs
5. Practice exercises ( 3 of them)
6. Overview on PPC
7. Overview on social media
8. Using Facebook to get an effective visible page
9. Using Twitter to get an effective visible page
10. Using Instagram and LinkedIn
11. Using hashtags
12. Practice Exercise (2 of them)

Aspire Media Launching The AEONIAN – a 2-Day Startup Event in Mumbai on 9-10 November 2017

The AEONIAN - Nominee EDM

Bangalore, Karnataka, India 12 July 2017:  With an aim to bring all stakeholders of the Startup ecosystem under a single roof and help them grow and build mutual collaboration and explore their dynamics, The AEONIAN 2017 will be celebrating and rewarding the Startups.

The two-day event will comprise of 5 activities that include Expo and Spotlight, Pitch, Conference & Networking and the Awards night. It will have 200+ stalls for the Startup and partners with an expected crowd of 3000+ Startup visitors, 300+ investors, 200+ exhibitors and 300+ award night, attendees.

Being a part of The AEONIAN 2017will help Startups, students, angel investors, incubators, corporates, accelerators, academia, freelancers, working professionals, solution providers, industry experts and VCS to interact and collaborate with their prospects and grow professionally.

The AEONIAN helps Startup get an opportunity to meet potential investors and interact with the top companies of the Startup ecosystem, may get a chance to pitch their Startup concept, may nominate their Startup across various categories and can compete all other to win the awards, meet your peers and can come to know the updates of the Startup world.   

Participating corporates would be able to help the Startup to flourish, identify potential Startup to associate with, meet key policy makers and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Investors would get an opportunity to find the potential Startup across the range of funding scales under a single roof, may join their partner angels and VCs, share their experience and mentor the young entrepreneurs along with exploring business opportunities with tier 2 and 3 cities based talented Startups.

To be a part of this event all the stakeholders can register themselves now! Registrations are open and the early bird offer will be available until 31 August 2017. For all categories of nomination and to view more details about the event, visit www.theaeonian.in

About Company

Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, based in Bangalore, is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurship media, the publishers of www.smallenterpriseindia.com  and the monthly magazine Small Enterprise (Print & Digital), having on board a professionally well-knitted team of people from multiple industry verticals. It aims to help and incubate the startups and act as a forerunner of the aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Small Enterprise India was launched in July 2010. Aspire Media regularly conducts multi-city roadshows helping SMEs to streamline their existing businesses and recognizing for their achievements through our SME Awards program SEBA 2016, ( www.sebusinessawards.com ) which was covered by NDTV and telecasted as 30 mins episode few times on a later date.

Contact Details:

2nd Floor, Vinir Tower, No 6, 
BTM Layout, 100ft Main Road, 
Bangalore – 560 068, India.
Tel: +91 80 41155725
Website: www.theaeonian.in
Email: enquiry@theaeonian.in
Contact Person:  Manjari Gupta

4 Most Popular Ways To Get Your Startup Raise Fund

startup funding

A start up is a dream actualized into reality with sincere efforts and valuable resources. One may have great ideas and strategies but lack the capital needed to make them happen. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will drop your entrepreneurial goals altogether. What you need is the necessary funding so you can take your business endeavours to the next level. It is widely believed that funding can be an overwhelming experience but acquiring capital for a business has become easier with times.

To help you gain useful insight on the entire funding process, we’ve brought you 4 ways to raise capital so that you can turn your ideas into real products for the market:

1. Loan

A loan is probably the first option that must have come across your mind and therefore we have also put it on the top of our list. You can consider getting loans in two ways:

i. Family and Friends

Convincing people known to you is easier amongst all of the options. You can borrow from your family and friends who support your business goals and have the required resources. This can be great because there is no series of formal paperwork to be done while getting funded.

Since these people have known you for a long time, you don’t have to pull strings to earn their trust regarding the money they lend you. Borrowing from your relatives or friends might be easier but money is usually a critical subject for relationships. So bear this mind whenever you are getting loans from your loved ones.

ii. Small Business Loans

There are Small Business Associations in most cities that can aid your startup for a loan at a fixed interest rate.  A bank gives clear conditions of payment requirements and interest rates related to a loan. In addition to this, banks usually provide useful resources for information, mentorship and networking to help your start up. However, acquiring loans from a bank require a lot of paperwork and proof of profitability of a business.  They would require you to show how you will utilise the capital provided from their bank. Make sure, you have a proper strategy and reliable ways to put the acquired money for optimum usage.

2. Angel Investors

Angel Investor is a person, usually an experienced market professional, who is interested in funding new and authentic business ventures. The investment from these ‘funding Angels’ is carried out for a profitable ROI on their capital provision to a business.  Usually, they fund a start up with an exchange for a percentage of equity in the company.

Not only as investors, these individuals could be a great addition to your team because they come with a lot of experience and business networks. They can also serve as your mentors in your team as they financially contribute to the business. Angels understand the probability of risk and failure in a business venture, but they expect higher efficiency on the part of your efforts to make it profitable.  So make sure, you work best to deliver what you promised in the beginning of your collaboration with an investor.

3. Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists are generally a group of professional investors who look for most profitable business ideas and ventures which can potentially generate large ROI for them. All you need is to pitch your start up perfectly in front of these VCs to gain valuable funds for your business plans.  

VCs come with well-established connections and networking background so you can have them as your industry mentors to sharpen your own entrepreneurial skills.

In exchange for their investment and time on your start up, you would have to give up a certain percentage of equity of your company.  Besides all of this, Venture Capitalist seek active engagement in a company’s decision making processes since they are expecting something relevant from their provided capital.

4. Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is a practice of acquiring funds by directly approaching your customers while raising awareness about your services. These days Crowd funding ventures are run through social media and crowdfunding websites to garner the attention of investors and entrepreneurs. Sometimes, entrepreneurs use crowd funding before pitching their business plans to venture capitalists, Angel investors or even banks while aiming at a larger capital amount.

This mode of funding allows reaching out to the audience and have honest opinions about your products. It also gives you great opportunities to directly connect with potential investors who might be interested in your start-up venture.  But you have to be aware of the fact that Crowd funding takes time and effort. So, you should always be ready with a plan, an outreaching strategy and patience.

We hope these 4 ways of raising money will help you in accumulating capital to get your business thriving in the market.

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