Eduwhiz and NASSCOM 10000 startups present “Pitch Perfect Workshop”. Calling all wannabe entrepreneur to learn the art of ‘How to create your pitch’ for investors. You only get 5-10 minutes to impress the investor so you need to make that time count. Come and learn the art of creating a perfect pitch.

Description of Workshop:

Registration: 2pm to 2:15pm
Session I: 2:15pm to 3pm: Creating the Pitch: In this session, we will go through all the do’s and don’t’s that go on to make a great pitch. Will cover in detail all the key aspects of the pitch, what it should cover and what mistakes to avoid.
Session II: 3pm to 3:45pm: Learning from the Best Pitches: Here we will view some of the best pitches from Techcrunch Disrupt pitching competitions from last 2 years. While viewing the pitches, we will discuss what was great about them and how the stuff we covered in Session I is demonstrated in these pitches.
Tea Break: 3:45pm to 4pm (Courtesy Chefow – our snacks sponsor)
Session III: 4pm to 5pm: From the horses mouth: We will invite 2-3 early stage investors who will share their experience of listening to startup pitches, how entrepreneurs approach them, the blunders they make, their own expectations from startups and what makes a great pitch. This will be in form of 10 min talk by each investor and then followed by a panel discussion cum detailed Q&A session.
Networking: 5pm to 6pm

More About Anil:-

Anil is an entrepreneur at heart, a believer in the power of dreams and loves nurturing early stage tech startups.
In 2001, Anil founded 24×7 Learning which became India’s largest e-learning implementation company and successfully raised over $4m from Angel investors and Network 18. Prior to that Anil had successfully setup and launched businesses in India for two large multinational companies.
Anil is a popular judge in startup pitching competitions and was the anchor judge for Haywards 5000 Haunslay Ki Udaan, India’s First Startup Reality TV Show, Season 2 where he selected 10 startups from around 500 pitches in 10 cities in 30 days for finals. He was also the official start-up coach for The Vault Show, India’s answer to Shark Tank where he coached the selected entrepreneurs on how to pitch to the investors.

More about Eduwhiz:

Eduwhiz is a space for innovation & growth. Founded in 2016, Eduwhiz has been working towards connecting and helping students, entrepreneurs and industry experts to collaborate in the current industrial domain.
We act as a connecting thread for new innovators and industrial enthusiasts to help achieve their business goals. We have organized 200+ workshops, events and pieces of training in technical and non-technical fields.

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